Polystyrene (PS) is an aromatic polymer, made from the aromatic monomer styrene, a liquid hydrocarbon that is commercially manufactured from petroleum by the chemical industry. Polystyrene is one of the most widely used kinds of plastic. Polystyrene is a thermoplastic substance, which is in solid (glassy) state at room temperature, but flows if heated above its glass transition temperature and becomes solid again when cooled. Pure solid polystyrene is a colorless, hard plastic with limited flexibility. It can be cast into molds with fine detail. Polystyrene (PS) can be transparent or can be made to take on various colors. The chemical makeup of polystyrene is a long chain hydrocarbon with every other carbon connected to a phenyl group.

Polygrade JSC could offer polystyrene for different applications:

– Polystyrene HIPS and GPPS injection molding
– Polystyrene HIPS and GPPS extrusion thermoforming
– Polystyrene HIPS and GPPS recycled
– Polystyrene EPS